Complete Solution for Technical Translation

Çevirmen is an interactive English to Turkish machine translation system that combines the power of C++ with effective database management tools for rapid translation of mostly technical documents.

  • What is Çevirmen?

    Cevirmen is an object-oriented machine translation system designed to translate English text files to Turkish in an interactive environment. The system is ideal for technical documents, manuals and routine correspondence, with the following features:

    Figure: A general dictionary of approximately 45,000 words

    Figure: Additional specific dictionaries (35,000 words) developed by the user

    Figure: Interactive editing of general and specific dictionaries

    Figure: Capability to learn unknown words during translation

    Figure: Reporting unknown or incorrect grammatical structures

    Figure: Support for word processors and simple formatting

    Figure: Quick and correct technical translation on PC and Mac

    Input options:
    • Interactive creation of English text files
    • Files in ASCII format on hard disk or magnetic media
    • Scanner and OCR software to transfer original hardcopies

  • Development History

    • Initial studies on a machine translation system from English to Turkish dates back to early 1970s.
    • Roots of Cevirmen can be found in a M.Sc. study completed by Zeki Sagay in 1981 at the Dept. of Computer Sciences of the M.E.T.U. in Ankara.
    • Based on the theory behind Sagay's study, a new professional system has been developed by Dr. Cem Dener , while he was the general manager of SAMTEK-ITC Inc., to utilize the potentials of interactivity and speed available in contemporary hardware using OOP and C++.
    • Cevirmen is the first interactive English-to-Turkish machine translation system developed in Turkey.
      • PC-Windows version was released on December 1994, and
      • Macintosh version was released on August 1995
    • System development and support activities have been discontinued since 2000
    • Currently, there is no support service provided for the system.

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